A New Sling

It must have been about a week ago that my
mother-in-law looked at me wearing my chubby Georgie in a sling,
poked him into his oh so adorable little babybottom & said
“He’s getting too big for that!”.

& She was right.
At two months old, but 63 cm tall (that’s 24 inches) ,
he was getting much too tall for a size small sling.
So today, while Emily & George where asleep on the sofa,
I made a new sling out of a more stretchy fabric.
It’s a little too big,actually, so he is quite happy in it.

Anyway, here it is:


(Do excuse my pajamas in this photo, they are oh so comfortable.. aehm! )

I wish you all a great weekend!


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3 Responses to A New Sling

  1. Gorgeous! And oh, so snuggle-able :-).

  2. Breeder says:

    Love that pattern.

  3. B. says:

    I’ve just spent my evening reading through your entire blog, I enjoyed it so much and found a lot of great ideas of art and projects to do with my 3 year old. Thank you! :)