Autumn Favourites

Our Autumn Favourites:

These four grumpy wooden guys, no idea who
they are or where they came from, but we love them:

The “who lives here” game:

The autumn pixie book basket:

These wooden blocks, the marble run Uwe & my mum brought over,
the socks my grandma -Oma Rosel- made,and the jumper Anthony’s
nan made:


& Emily s favourite book, Frau Nuss:


Every morning Frau Nuss steps outside to see what day of the week
it is,based on the animals it is raining on that day. (makes sense!)
The biggest of each of these animals walks up to her & asks her for a kiss,
but on sunday it doesn’t rain, the sun is shining & Frau Nuss has a visitor,
it’s Herr Nuss, & this time it is Frau Nuss’ turn to get a kiss.
Emily is absolutely in love with this book ever since my mum brought it
over from germany two weeks ago. We read it at least 40 times a day,
& she doesn’t get tired of it.

Now that we are getting back into a routine I can find some time to
finish some knitting projects I have been working on,
& start making Christmas presents for the family,
less than 100 days to go, & it will take quite some time, but
the best presents are definitely handmade :)

I hope you are all doing fine,
we are really enjoying the rainy weather,
because we get to stay inside & bake cookies & drink tea.

Wishing you a brilliant day,

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2 Responses to Autumn Favourites

  1. sarah says:

    ich will so einen stachelbären haben 😀

  2. sarah says:

    wieso machst du das eigentlich mit dem homeschooling ?