Growing up..

We had a good weekend, spending most of our days at our beach.
While looking through the photos we noticed this one:


It doesn’t look like the Emily we know, it is a much older,
almost grown-up version of her.
We wonder if this is her, our daughter,
& maybe this is what she is going to look like as a teenager.

Sometimes,when she is asleep in our bed, & i watch her for
a while ,
i see that same face, nothing really left of that chubby
little baby she used to be…
And then we worry.
I don’t want her to grow up this quickly.
I want to keep the baby snuggles around just a little bit longer..

We are still eagerly waiting for our sweet baby George to make his appearance,
and while we are waiting we try to spend as much time outdoors as we can.
We love our beach so much.





Wishing you a beautiful day!

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2 Responses to Growing up..

  1. Anke says:

    Sie sieht da echt schon voll groß aus. Und so ein schöner Strand, ich hoffe, ich schaff das mal, euch zu besuchen…

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hallo Ihr Drei (fast vier)!!
    Tolle Bilder, beneiden Euch um den schönen Strand.
    Danke für die Karte und das Kunstwerk von Emy!! Küsschen an die kleine Große