Family Trips

Spending time together as a family is so very important. Even though we work from home and homeschool, which means that we spend all day together, every day, we still make time for special family trips and days out.
It is so special to make memories and to just enjoy each other’s company. This year, instead of toys and such for Christmas and Hanukkah, we will be giving experiences to our children, days out, rock climbing, a kid’s bushcraft course and trips to the swimming pool. I think it will be so much more special than toys.
Last week we went to an amusement park, because we so wanted Boo to ride a rollercoaster, he loves going down slides, so we thought he may enjoy something like this, too.
We were right.


We had such an amazing time, in this busy place with lots of walking, Boo safely in the our Mei Tai while we explored together,


seeing animals, watching our fearless Memi enjoy this big day out.


I love making memories.


(Our beautiful day out to the amusement park was a gift to us from Vertbaudet, who know how important it is for families to spend time together.
Thank you.)

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Hallowe’en Round-Up

Hello friends!
I am so sorry for the long silence, the little ones have had hand-foot-and-mouth disease, which is really awful. They have all been rather miserable with high fevers and spotty mouths, sore throats and scary coughs. They all seem to be feeling much better today. We have been keeping busy by doing lots and lots of baking and Halloween crafts, and playing Toca Boo on the ipad. Have you tried it? It’s very funny and there is so much to explore, it really saved the day when the fevery tiny people couldn’t move and just wanted to sit on the sofa!
This will be our very first proper celebration of this fun holiday, going door to door wearing spooky costumes and saying trick-or-treat.
Caillou will dress up in his amazing Astronaut costume, which comes with a cool hat.


His Trick-or-Treat bag will be his Harry & Jack’s Adventure Pack Jetpack, which goes brilliantly with his outfit. He is so excited. He initially wanted to go as an evil scientist, but then decided that, as he is always an evil scientist, it wouldn’t really count as dressing up.


Memi wanted to be a vampire, and of course we had to practice the face painting a few times!


While we were trying on our costumes we also did a bit of pumpkin carving. We made a really simple pumpkin which ended up looking great!

We started by scooping out all the goop out of our pumpkin, then used a cookie cutter to hammer a star shape into it.


After that we used a drill to make lots of different sized holes into the pumpkin, which was a great hands-on activity!


Memi has been calling it our Stardust pumpkin, and I love tht. We try not to make Halloween too spooky, as we don’t know what may frighten Boo. His costume is a Pirate, and I will carry him in our Mei Tai around the different houses.


It’s all very exciting and I can’t wait to start making our own traditions!
Happy Halloween!

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Rustic Craft – Yarn Word Art

We made a lovely little wall art for our home, and I thought I’d share a little how-to, in collaboration with Betta Living.


You will need:

A rustic wooden board
Lots of nails
A Hammer
A Pen


How to:

Start by putting paper on top of your wooden board. This will be the base for your template.


Write your favourite word onto the paper. We decided to write family.


Use your hammer to place nails around the outline of each letter. Be careful not to space them too for apart and carefully include any corners or turns in your letters.


When you have added nails around all of the letters, remove the paper by pulling it off from around the nails.
You will now have just the outline made up of nails.
Use your yarn to wrap the nails by going around the inside in a criss-cross shape first,


and then around the outside to define your letters.


When you have finished filling in all of the letters you are ready to display your lovely sign!


I’m thinking of making another one for our reading corner next!

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