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Rag Rugs and Silks

We have been learning a bit about textiles recently, about the journey from their creation to their final resting place as grey fluff inside mattresses. The other day we were talking about how there are many uses for broken clothes, such as using them for cleaning, for crafts, and of course rag rugs.
We had an old rag rug stored away, so we thought we’d take a look at what we find inside, and goodness, it was fun!


We started by carefully snipping away the thread that held our rug together. This specific rug was handmade in india from recycled sari fabrics, but we never would have imagined the beautiful colours and unique patterns we would find inside.
We carefully removed all the little strips of fabric and collected them in a basket.


Our collection grew pretty quickly, it was amazing to see just how much fabric was actually hiding inside our little rug.


When we had finished taking apart the rug we sorted our strips of fabric by colour.


Afterwards we thought that it would be a good idea to iron the pieces of silk carefully to get a better look at the patterns.
We discovered some really wonderful block-printed pieces, intricate embroidery, glittery thread, sequins and beads.
We also looked at some pictures of saris and a few pictures of India.


Of course we wanted to use our silk pieces immediately, so Memi picked a few favourites and tied them into a simple little decoration for her bedroom.


We also made an Autumn coloured decoration for our living-room, and some ribbon-wands, too.
(Our amazing Autumn Crowns came from Mama Pixie.)


We kept a few special pieces aside with further projects in mind, and we are now using the rest of the silks as playsilks and decorations for the Nature Table!


Have a beautiful day!

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Waldorf Weather Gnomes – Of Wool and Wood – Announcing the Winner

The winner of the Waldorf Weather Gnomes is…
Ria Thompson!


To thank you all for your amazing response the wonderful Karen of Of Wool and Wood is offering 10% off for all readers of Here We Are Together.
Just use the coupon code FALL10 . This code expires on the 7th of September 2014.
Wishing you all a beautiful day!

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