Thursdays are for…

Thursdays are for adventuring,


for meeting friends and animals,


and for swimming and splashing in ponds.


They are also for giggling until your tummy hurts, for picnics, for waving at trains, and for saying hello to giant jellyfish.
Life is good.

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On Wednesdays…

Wednesday is Family Project Day.


We have been doing a lot of weaving lately, on a few different looms, trying out yarn, wool roving and scraps of fabric.

At the moment we are working on a little rug made from rags on a hula hoop loom!


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On Tuesdays..

We are very gently easing back into a weekly rhythm.
The last few months have been somewhat uncertain, and at some point we were even preparing to move to a different house. We decided against it because of the school opportunity for George.
It feels good to return to what is our normal, a slow, quiet life filled with stories and crafts.
This new weekly rhythm is still very simple, there is not too much each day as we return to living purposefully.
On Tuesdays we bake together.






Thank you for sticking around during the tricky parts. We are starting to feel like ourselves again.

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