Pretend Play – Vet

We love pretend play, and playing vet is one of Cai’s favourites. He loves animals, and he loves to help.
His favourite patient is Meese the Moose.


Meese is a Squishable Moose, he is enormous, round, squishy and soft, and he is so much fun. We have a very small number of cuddly toys, but when we saw this one we just knew that he would make an amazing addition to pretend play. He’s also really brilliant for hugs and occasionally as a little seat for story time. Did I mention that moose are my favourite animals? They are just the best!
(You can find out more about Squishable on the Squishable Facebook Page and twitter. Memi is hoping for the unicorn.)


We have a really simple pretend vet kit, in which we keep a thermometer, a stethoscope, some band-aids and bandages, some empty vitamin containers to serve as medicine, and a few other little things.
We add to it whenever we find something that may be interesting.
Some other things in our kit include magnifying glasses, toy tweezers and a little flashlight.


I love games like this, because it’s so easy to learn something while you are playing. It’s fun to make a little Patient Chart for each animal patient, asking things like
“What do moose eat? What will our moose have for lunch?” or “Where does our moose come from? Where does his family live?” .


I am hoping to add a few x-rays to our little vet kit soon, too.
What are your little one’s favourite pretend games?
We also love to play shop and restaurant.

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Bedroom Day

A really long time ago, when I was pregnant with Cai, we used to live in a different house. It seems a lifetime away now.
Back then, as a heavily pregnant Mama with a husband working far away from home, I would often feel a little bit too tired to face the world.
On those days we’d declare it a Bedroom Day and spend the day in bed, venturing downstairs only to bake a loaf of bread and refill the teapot.
Our days in bed were so lovely and slow, reading stories, playing with a bunch of cuddly toys, knitting, napping and picnicking.


When Anthony quit his job and started working from home, and we moved to this lovely little home of ours, Bedroom Days came to an end.
The other day we woke up in the middle of the night to a glorious thunderstorm. The next morning, with very tired little ones, we felt it was definitely time to have another Bedroom Day.


Once again we bundled into our big bed, books, knitting and snacks by our side,
and we spent the morning reading, playing and just being together.


We ventured downstairs around lunchtime to craft and bake, but that morning spent in bed together was so special.
I really can’t wait to do it again, though I definitely could do without the sleepless nights!
(Our lovely white bedding came from Fine & Superior Limited, we love their modern furniture too!)

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This summer, for us, is going to be a summer of adventure.
Even though I have just started my Christmas knitting, I know that we still have at least a whole month of beautiful sunshine left to enjoy.
We are determined to make the most of it.


My favourite holiday was always spending the summer at Center Parcs, the long road-trip there being an adventure in it’s own right, a car stuffed full of quilts, food, books and travel games. We met there with friends and family, lighting a fire in the evenings, waking up to ducks wanting to be fed.
We live far from there now, but our love for adventure remains.
This summer is going to be the summer of hiking, of camp fires, of swimming in lakes and of sleeping in tents.
There are plans for kite-flying, for sandcastles, fishing trips, den-building and for horse-riding.


Of course we won’t forget to have a lazy day here or there, picnics and boardgames and stories in the meadow.
Now that our friends are free to enjoy the summer, too, I just know it is going to be amazing.
We can’t wait!
What are your summer plans?

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