Almost Wordless Wednesday

An Almost Wordless Wednesday, goodness, we haven’t had one of those in a little while!
This morning I sat down with my cup of hot cocoa and made a list of all the things I still need to do.


My to-do list is about as long as my arm, but sweet Georgie is keeping us all busy these days, and when he isn’t keeping us busy I must admit that I do really like to sit and crochet a bit.
There are some really brilliant things coming up for our family and I am super excited to share them with you, but for now I shall have to keep quiet. (It is really tricky, this staying quiet business.)
I hope you are all staying warm during this brilliantly cold weather, definitely another reason to snuggle up under quilts and read just a few more stories together.

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Wool and Warmth

The other day, after a magical walk through just a tiny bit of snow, we arrived home to find a surprise from Sarah waiting for us.
Oh my. Hand-dyed yarn, just for me. Made for me! How brilliant is that? I had never had wool dyed especially just for me.


Sarah happened to pick two of Emily’s favourite colours to create this special yarn, so of course I had to make something for my beautiful big girl.


I wanted to get started straight away, and so I made a quick scarflette for my lovely Emily. She has named it her Adventure Girl scarf, because she is an adventure girl, and it is perfect for adventures.


It will certainly keep some of this late January chill away.
I can’t wait to see what else that special yarn will turn into.

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Chinese New Year Craft – Coin Stamped Red Envelopes

It is traditional to celebrate Chinese New Year by giving red envelopes with money to friends and family.
We wanted to honour this tradition, so we created this craft that doubles as a decoration in the time leading up to Chinese New Year.


You will need:

Red paper
Yellow paint
Golden glitter
String for hanging


Start by cutting your paper into squares.
I was feeling efficient today so I actually measured (10cm x 10cm), but as long as you don’t mind having slightly wonky envelopes you can just guess, it’s not very important to be precise.


Fold three of the corners of the red square towards the middle and tape them together.
That’s your envelope already!
Repeat it for all your other little squares. We made eight envelopes.


Now it’s time for the fun part. Dip your coin into yellow paint and stamp it onto the front of your envelope.
We made a little handle out of Play-Doh to make this easier, it just sticks to the coin if you are gentle.
Stamp a coin shape onto all of your envelopes.


While your yellow paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter all over the envelopes! The glitter will only stick to the wet paint.


Let the paint dry completely before gently shaking the glitter off.


Now you can fill your envelopes. In each of our envelopes there is a shiny coin, a Chinese fortune and a traditional New Year’s blessing.


As it is not Chinese New Year just yet, we decided to string our envelopes onto some orange yarn and hang them up over our Nature Table until we are ready to give them to our friends.



[This super fun money themed craft is sponsored by Santander, who are passionate about money and want to help you make the most of your money,too. The Santander 123 current account gives cashback on household bills and interest on your balance for £2 a month. Santander also asked us to share surprising infographic with you:

Did you know that on average people underestimate their household bills by £770 a year? Use the cashback calculator on the Santander website to calculate how much money you could earn by switching to a Santander 123 current account! How would you spend your cashback money? For me that’s not a tricky question to answer, – yarn and craft supplies of course!]

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