Smoothie Recipe – Cherries with Cream

This one is a real treat, it may not be as healthy as a kale and spinach smoothie, but it’s a really nice way to start the day, especially when you can drink it with the sun shining and sand or grass beneath your feet. It’s a perfect summer smoothie, really, and it is an absolutely gorgeous and cheerful colour!

Three cups of frozen cherries, remember to de-stone these before freezing them!
Two cups of chilled almond milk
A tablespoon of honey


Put all the ingredients into your blender, starting with the almond milk, then adding the cherries and honey.
Use your pulse function until all your ingredients are combined and then blend on full speed until it is frothy.


I really hope you like this one, it’s one of my favourite treats!

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Smoothie Recipe – Sunshine in a Cup

This smoothie requires a teeny tiny bit more work than some others, but it is super filling and very tasty.
I asked the tiny people to name our recipes and they named this one Sunshine in a Cup.
It sums it up pretty well, as this will make you feel really happy. We like it as a breakfast before a long day out of the house, as it gives us lots of energy!

You will need one large mango, peeled and diced, six sliced bananas, a large spoon of coconut milk and about two cups of almond milk. You can leave out the coconut milk, but I like adding a little bit of fat to our smoothies once in a while to make sure everyone is getting what they need.


Put all your ingredients except the almond milk into the blender, starting with the coconut milk. When everything is in your blender, pour the almond milk over the top.
(Can you see our bananas in the background? The delivery driver asked us if we have a pet monkey!)


Blend it all for about twenty seconds and enjoy!


Sunshine in a Cup!

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Summer Kids Craft – Super Fun Jingly Musical Braceletes DIY

Make these super fun jingly bracelets so you can jingle while you walk, jump and dance! They are so quick and easy to make that you can absolutely make a whole bunch for all of your friends, too, so you can all jingle and dance together!


You will need:

Tiny jingly bells


Start by folding two super long bits of yarn in half, then tie a knot into the top so you are left with a loop at the top.


You can slip that loop over a chair, ask a friend to hold on to it or maybe even slip it over your big toe, if you are super stretchy like that!
Now pick up the first of the four strands of yarn, starting at the left.
Use that strand to tie a knot around all the other strands like so.


Continue with the same strand until you have a little bit of your bracelet made.
Now add a bell!


Tie a few more knots, then swap to the next strand.
It’s not really important to be very precise about which strand you use, a pretty good rule of thumb is to always use the longest, though.


You can use different colours of yarn to make a striped bracelet, too, though we used gorgeous hand dyed yarn from Natasha over at Taking a Moment in Time, so it self-stripes, which is very fun.
After a few more knots add a bead, and just continue like this, alternating bells and beads, until your bracelet is long enough!


Make lots!


Skip, bounce and jingle through life from now on!

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