Just Keep Swimming

Poor Cai has tonsillitis and George has an awful ear infection. He has been very cross and in need of distraction, and if I’m entirely honest, so have I.
We decided to leave schoolwork behind and spend a few days adventuring here and there. Fresh air is almost as good as magic for sore ears and poorly babies!






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The science girl

Emily and Caillou LOVE watching SciShow for their screen time. They adore Hank and all the others.
So, here’s the thing; the other day, after watching one of the episodes, Emily said to us : “I want to have my own science show and do experiments and such! That’s what I want my job to be! You always tell me to work towards my dreams and take chances, so let’s do this!”
Well, you can’t argue with that!
Exciting plans were made and Emily set to work writing out some of the experiments she wanted to share, spent her pocket money on some supplies and we helped out with the rest.


We decided that it might be best to have a Mama around for the trickier bits, so we all got matching lab coats and goggles, and, well,
here is our super awesome and amazing, fun, educational and brilliant YouTube Science Channel – Here We Are Doing Science!

I would LOVE it if you could hop over to YouTube and like our videos, and subscribe, too, because we will be sharing lots and lots more fun experiments for children, experiments which you can easily do at home!!

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A Yoga Bag

I am about to start leading a teeny tiny local yoga group for children, the first yoga teaching opportunity since my last pregnancy.
Back then we had just started looking for a venue for our little yoga space when our life changed quite a bit and we found out about Georgie needing a lot more help.
I must admit that I am a little bit nervous, but I am way more excited than nervous. It’s going to be so much fun sharing stories, stretches and mindfulness activities with all our new friends!
When I told the children about it, Emily pointed out that we would definitely really need a big bag to bring everything along. Everything and snacks, Mama!
I could not agree more, and so I sat on the sofa and got to work on the Mandala Market Bag.


It’s the perfect pattern for a yoga bag, it holds all our mats and towels, drinks, snacks and books. It is one seriously stretchy bag!
The yarn I used is an absolutely gorgeous hand-dyed merino wool, created by the amazing Natasha of Taking a Moment in Time.
She sent me a huge parcel full of hand-dyed goodness a little while ago, and I’m still working my way through it, feeling so loved and blessed every time I see her beautiful yarn around our home.


I am so totally in love with our new yoga bag, and I do think we will probably need a car bag, a beach bag and, well, a market bag, too!

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