Gratitude in Stressful Times

These last few months have been one of the hardest times in our life as a family.
Among some very bad news for our extended family, Boo’s *special needs also mean that right now we can only leave the house when Anthony is able to take time off work, either to help keep Boo safe out and about or to stay home with Boo while I take Memi and Cai to the library, park or meet-ups. I am grateful that Anthony works from home and is able to schedule his work around the children’s classes and appointments, but it is hard for me to accept that I can not safely take all three of my little ones to the park by myself.


The other day I talked to a truly amazing friend and poured my whole Mama heart out to her because she asked completely honestly about Boo.
I love talking about Boo, but very often people are worried about asking because they don’t want to seem insensitive or upset us, when really I would happily talk about any of my little ones all day.
(That very same incredible friend is right now working on a way for me to be able to take all three of my little mice out by myself, and I am so very excited about this!
I can’t tell you more just yet, but I promise you that I will tell you everything as soon as I know more!)


With all these difficulties we’ve been needing an extra dose of gratitude and blessing-counting, going beyond our blessings journal and daily gratitude.
With Autumn finally on the way we thought we’d start writing all the good things in our life down on watercolour leaves and string them onto a crochet chain.


By the end of autumn, around Thanksgiving, I am hoping to have an entire leaf pile of blessings to be poured out, read, played in and enjoyed.


I am sorry for not being around much while we dealt with everything that has been happening, sometimes it is difficult to share the hard stuff.
Thank you for sticking around during the good and the bad times.

* While we are pretty certain that we know what Boo’s final diagnosis will be, we are not ready to share it publicly until it has been confirmed through genetic testing.

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Our Etsy Shop

For a little while now we had been thinking about opening our very own Etsy shop. I have been knitting a lot of pumpkins for our Nature Table, and almost every day a friend asks me to make one for them, too.
I thought a little shop may be just the right place to keep it all in one place, and so I am really happy (and a little bit nervous) to introduce our very own Here We Are Together Etsy Shop:

Our Nature Table

I am so excited to have a way to share a little bit of our home with all of you in this way, it is so truly special to imagine that something that was created during one of our days will find its’ way to you and become a special item to you and your family.
If you like, take a look around. I am slowly adding a few Autumn bits, and will start to add Winter themed items very soon, too.
Everything in our shop is made with a whole lot of love.


It has been so, so much fun to think of different items to make, to gather supplies and to spend time making.
I am excited to see what the future brings!

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Wordless Wednesday


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