Supporting Creative Companies – Harry & Jack’s Adventure Packs

As you know, we are committed to supporting small companies with creative and beautiful ideas.
One company we have recently gotten to know are Harry & Jack’s, the creative minds behind the amazing Adventure Packs.


Adventure Packs are a really unique invention, a mix of dress-up toy and useful backpack.
As soon as I spotted them I knew that Arthur would positively adore one, and of course, since receiving his AdventurePack a little while ago, Arthur has been taking it everywhere!


Arthur’s AdventurePack is a JetPack, and he adores it. It holds lots and lots of toys, has a special pocket for his drink, and the jet tanks unzip for even more storage space, which is really useful if you just so happen to be a collector of tiny treasures like rocks and seashells.

Arthur’s favourite toy, a dog called Ogre, gets zipped up into the JetPack each morning before our walk, and then Arthur counts down 3..2…1.. go! before flying through the fields that surround our home or to the beach to collect a few more treasures.


AdventurePacks do live up to their name and are made from strong materials that will stand up to anything a little one might encounter in their play.


You can purchase the AdventurePack through Harry & Jack’s website or via Amazon.
We are so happy to have come across this fantastic and creative company!

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Grateful Friday

This week has been full of surprises and unexpected blessings, and I am very grateful for those.
I am grateful for all the amazing people in our life.
I am grateful that our family strives on positivity and love, that our little ones are the most kind, generous and selfless people I have ever known. (I honestly do not know what we did to be blessed with these amazing little humans!)
I am grateful that we have the courage to do what it takes to continue to live a happy life full of goodness and positivity.
I am grateful for grandparents, for sunshine and for trips to the beach before busy days filled with medical appointments.


I am grateful for our beautiful tiny home, for decluttering, and for the fact that we can easily do a full house clean every week, top to bottom, inside cupboards and all. Small homes do have their advantages..
I am grateful that it’s a family job, and I am really grateful for little helpers who are eager to scrub the floors or wash the windows!
I am grateful that, because of this, we can say “Yes, please!” when a friend calls and asks if they can drop by. (Even though I do remind myself often that our friends come to see us, not our house..)
On that note, I am really, really grateful for our friends.
I am, of course, also grateful for friends-of-friends who bless our family with their amazing and incredible art, and I am grateful that we are able share some of that beautiful art, too.
(Sneak Peek for an upcoming Giveaway, friends! Mark the 4th of May in your calendars!)


I am grateful for Thank-You notes both written and received, for staying up late talking to my favourite sister, for freshly cut garden flowers on the table, for watching really old movies, for feeling like we have finally found the right balance for our little interfaith family, for early dinners which tend to bring with them an early bedtime for the tiny people, for the fantastic random kindness all around us, for family board-game nights and family drawing nights.


I am grateful for the long weekend ahead!
I am wishing you all a very happy weekend, and if you celebrate, have a wonderful Easter.
(We are planning a fun scavenger hunt, I can’t wait!)

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Cheerful Easter Chocolate

We made some pretty cheerful looking Easter chocolate today.


There isn’t really much of a recipe here, but I thought I’d show you how we did it!
You will need:

Some chocolate eggs in happy colours
White chocolate


Break the chocolate into little squares and melt it using the double-boiler method.
(This means you put one pot inside a larger pot and fill the larger pot with boiling water.)
When the chocolate has melted, pour it onto a tray lined with baking paper.
Decorate the chocolate with the colourful chocolate eggs.


Let the chocolate harden in the fridge, break it into pieces and enjoy!


Happy Easter!

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