Rustic Craft – Yarn Word Art

We made a lovely little wall art for our home, and I thought I’d share a little how-to, in collaboration with Betta Living.


You will need:

A rustic wooden board
Lots of nails
A Hammer
A Pen


How to:

Start by putting paper on top of your wooden board. This will be the base for your template.


Write your favourite word onto the paper. We decided to write family.


Use your hammer to place nails around the outline of each letter. Be careful not to space them too for apart and carefully include any corners or turns in your letters.


When you have added nails around all of the letters, remove the paper by pulling it off from around the nails.
You will now have just the outline made up of nails.
Use your yarn to wrap the nails by going around the inside in a criss-cross shape first,


and then around the outside to define your letters.


When you have finished filling in all of the letters you are ready to display your lovely sign!


I’m thinking of making another one for our reading corner next!

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Boo’s Mei Tai

Oh friends, I have been so excited to tell you about this.
For a very long time now I have been unable to take all three of the little people out by myself, it just wasn’t possible with Boo’s special needs.
When I mentioned this to Emi of MamaPixie she had the amazing idea of making a Boo sized Mei Tai carrier for us. A Boo Tai.
On Saturday it arrived at our home.


I can’t even put into words how amazing it is, how beautifully (and strongly, safely and securely) made it is.
Emi helped us pick the most special fabric for it. One side is light blue, and the other has adorable dinosaurs for our Dinogeorge.


The attention to detail is so wonderful, and Emi even included a special secret embroidery for Boo on his Boo Tai.


This amazing carrier has given us so much freedom to go and explore places, and Boo adores it. He truly is the happiest little person in there, giggling, laughing and enjoying our adventures.


Because of the Mei Tai we are able to visit places we have not been able to visit in years, and I am finally able to take all three of my little mice out by myself.


I honestly can not thank Emi enough for what she has done for our little family, being able to carry my Boo around, showing him more of our little corner of the world, it’s just incredible.


Yesterday we went on a four hour walk around our favourite National Park, and today we went to meet a whole lot of wild ponies.


I can not wait to go to more places, see more things and show Boo all the things that he could not experience before.
Thank you, Emi.
Adventure on, lovely friends.

(If you do have a moment, why not go over to MamaPixie’s Facebook Page and hit -like-, she is an amazing Mama to three who makes beautiful and unique dress-up things, costumes, baby carriers and a whole lot more! If you are quick you may even be in time to enter her fantastic giveaway, it’s ending soon! )

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Baby Bunny Update

Today was the kind of day that required a lot of cheering-up.
Due to food allergies we could not even make our favourite comfort foods, and so there was really only one thing to help save the day: Baby Bunny hugs.
Now that we know the gender of our new bunny, Hippo became Miss Moose,


and our friend’s bunny is currently without a name.


They sure have grown quickly, these little surprise babies!

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