Working it all out.

For a while now we had been noticing that Waldorf was not quite working out for Emily anymore. While we loved the gentleness and magic during the early years, it was just not the right fit for my very logical big girl. She loves books, she loves knowledge and there is no slowing her down. (Not that we would want to.)
We felt that a change was needed for our big girl who just completed fourth grade and took only five days to read all of the Harry Potter books from beginning to end.
We started working together using the Charlotte Mason approach a little while ago now, after quite some preparation.
It was a lot of fun picking out all the books we will read this year.


Emily has been doing so well, she is really enjoying this way of learning and it fits in well with her personality and how our life is at this part of our journey.
Of course we still love fairy tales and our daily Nature Walks will always be a part of our life, but new beginnings are always great, and we have already learned so much.


I am looking forward to exploring more and sharing how this works for us, and I’d love to hear your experiences and advice, too!

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Boo’s Blood Test

I really just wanted to give you all a quick update on our journey towards a diagnosis with our little Georgie.
Today Boo went to the hospital for his blood test.
He did so, so well. I imagined it would be rather sad for George, but it ended up being absolutely fine.
George and Daddy took a taxi to the hospital, which was very exciting.
There was lots of numbing lotion for Georgie’s hands, and then the really kind nurses distracted Georgie with a cool train app on an iPad.


Big George didn’t even notice that they were taking his blood.
Now we will have to wait for about eight weeks until we will be told the results of the blood test, whether it is hereditary and what kind of treatment options and other things may be available to help our little mouse.

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Turn Your Passion Into a Business – Workshop – Giveaway

A lot of people work very hard to turn their passion into a business, be it painting, writing, crafting, childcare, cleaning or whatever else you may be good at, but it can sometimes seem like this is a privilege that only works out for the lucky few.
My good friend Natasha Seidel is one of the people who has made it, who has turned her dream into a business that earns her a more than comfortable living, and now she wants to help you to achieve the same. It is not as tricky a you may think, and it is certainly not impossible!

Natasha came to England when she was 19 to work as an au pair.
With nothing more than £50 in her pocket she discovered that she had a passion and natural talent for working with children. She then studied BA Early Childhood Studies, became a Forest School Leader and a Montessori Teacher.
Working to turn her passion into a business and making her dream a reality she now owns an absolutely sensational 120 place nursery in London.
In addition to her hugely successful nursery Natasha has owned a number of other businesses which were successful in their field.

Natasha has been attending courses and classes as a hobby, and in these courses she has met many people who would have liked to turn their passion, skill or talent into a viable business but struggled with where to begin.
Natasha is a people person and excels at business advice, help and guidance. Natasha wants to help YOU to turn your dream into a reality. Knowing Natasha personally I trust her and know that she is good at what she does.

Natasha and her lovely family

Speaking to Natasha privately about her new workshops she said something to me which I found important to share. When asked what makes her workshops different to other workshops she replied:

“I find help is hard to come by because people don’t like helping each other as they are afraid of competition. I’m not. I am willing to help with a 100% honesty and conviction and truthfulness.

Natasha will be hosting workshops in London and in High Wycombe. There are places for up to 12 people at a time only to ensure that everyone will get all the help they need, and Natasha will be talking about what makes a business a success, how to turn your vision into a reality or how to improve your existing business.
These sessions are aimed at small businesses, creative people, makers, cottage industries, etsy sellers and so on. If you have a dream, Natasha can help you make it a reality.
Each person will also get a one to one session with Natasha during the day, to ask any private questions, share business worries or concerns and make sure you have all that you need to work towards making your business a success.

Living your dream

The first workshop will be on 28th April in Shoreditch, London, and Natasha is generously offering one of our readers a place at her very first workshop.
If you are free on the 28th of April between 9am and 4pm, enter below.
This is an amazing opportunity to learn from someone who truly knows what they are talking about, and I’m so honoured to be offering a space to one of you!
Natasha has written about her workshop a bit more here.
To book a place in the workshop you can email Natasha at [email protected]

Good luck!

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