Bedroom Day

A really long time ago, when I was pregnant with Cai, we used to live in a different house. It seems a lifetime away now.
Back then, as a heavily pregnant Mama with a husband working far away from home, I would often feel a little bit too tired to face the world.
On those days we’d declare it a Bedroom Day and spend the day in bed, venturing downstairs only to bake a loaf of bread and refill the teapot.
Our days in bed were so lovely and slow, reading stories, playing with a bunch of cuddly toys, knitting, napping and picnicking.


When Anthony quit his job and started working from home, and we moved to this lovely little home of ours, Bedroom Days came to an end.
The other day we woke up in the middle of the night to a glorious thunderstorm. The next morning, with very tired little ones, we felt it was definitely time to have another Bedroom Day.


Once again we bundled into our big bed, books, knitting and snacks by our side,
and we spent the morning reading, playing and just being together.


We ventured downstairs around lunchtime to craft and bake, but that morning spent in bed together was so special.
I really can’t wait to do it again, though I definitely could do without the sleepless nights!
(Our lovely white bedding came from Fine & Superior Limited, we love their modern furniture too!)

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This summer, for us, is going to be a summer of adventure.
Even though I have just started my Christmas knitting, I know that we still have at least a whole month of beautiful sunshine left to enjoy.
We are determined to make the most of it.


My favourite holiday was always spending the summer at Center Parcs, the long road-trip there being an adventure in it’s own right, a car stuffed full of quilts, food, books and travel games. We met there with friends and family, lighting a fire in the evenings, waking up to ducks wanting to be fed.
We live far from there now, but our love for adventure remains.
This summer is going to be the summer of hiking, of camp fires, of swimming in lakes and of sleeping in tents.
There are plans for kite-flying, for sandcastles, fishing trips, den-building and for horse-riding.


Of course we won’t forget to have a lazy day here or there, picnics and boardgames and stories in the meadow.
Now that our friends are free to enjoy the summer, too, I just know it is going to be amazing.
We can’t wait!
What are your summer plans?

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Sneak Peek – Our Books!

Today a very special delivery from our publisher arrived on our doorstep, – the first copies of our books!
I am so excited to share with you: The Paint Book and The Pencil Book!
I am not allowed to show you everything just yet, but goodness, I could not keep these fun books to myself, and so I thought a sneak peek at the covers might be nice.


It felt amazing to hold them in our very own hands, to spot familiar faces amongst the pages and to look through all the beautiful photographs.
The covers also give you some clues about the crafts you will find inside the books!


The Paint Book and The Pencil Book will be published early October, but you can pre-order your copy already!
I can not wait to share a little more with you as we near the publication date, but for now, what do you think about the covers?

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